Our Mission: Confidence

We are on a mission to help breast cancer survivors to feel at home in their bodies with nipple, breast, eyebrow, and scar camouflage tattooing. We provide financial assistance to cover the cost of these life-changing tattoos. We believe that all survivors deserve to feel complete after recovery, regardless of their financial situation.

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Our Impact

Many breast cancer survivors struggle with a loss of identity and feeling incomplete after a mastectomy. Every day they are confronted with the fact that their nipples are missing, replaced with large scars.

Together we are able to change the lives of women and men post mastectomy & lumpectomy. Women are able to get their confidence back and feel like themselves again after having this procedure.

Corina's Story

My journey with Breast Cancer started the same as everyone’s with my diagnosis April 16, 2020, and it quickly consumed many aspects of my life. Through my battle I learned that not everyone’s journey can be completed they way they would of possibly liked and I want to be able to do something about that. There are many options available to patients depending on their needs that are covered by insurance, but the one thing that I found out is not covered is breast tattooing. Whether that includes tattooing of a nipple or something more unique to help a survivor feel complete and this is something not everyone is able to afford. This is how Ink 4 Pink came to be, I want to be able to provide this to those that are unable to do so for themselves.

I believe that everyone should be able to feel whole and complete as a survivor regardless of their financial situation.

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Breast Cancer Survivors
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are living in the United States right now. Many of them have lost a piece of themselves along the way. Our mission is to help them feel whole again.

Survivors Gifted & Counting
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We have been able to provide breast cancer tattoos to more than 39 survivors to date! With your help we can increase this number immensely.

Sponsors Helping Our Mission
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Thank you to our amazing sponsors! You are helping New England breast cancer survivors feel at home in their bodies once again.

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With your support, we can spread a positive impact for breast cancer survivors.  Together, let’s help women feel empowered to take back control of their own bodies! How will you help Ink 4 Pink?

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