Ink 4 Pink Real Talk Susan G Komen

Ink 4 Pink’s founder, Corina Klein, was interviewed on Susan G. Komen’s podcast Real Pink!

In the episode, you’ll hear the personal stories of two women who had to make decisions about their nipples because they both needed surgery to treat their breast cancer. Syreeta Coleman opted for a surgical technique that spared her nipples in the surgical process.

Corina Klein also chose nipple-sparing surgery but experienced complications and ultimately lost her nipples in a later surgery. She now has tattoos in place of where her nipples would be and has started a non-profit organization (Ink4Pink) that provides tattoos for breast cancer survivors who lose their nipples.

The podcast offers Real Talk, a conversation where they dig deep into breast cancer and the realities patients and survivors face every day. They talk openly and honestly about just how difficult breast cancer can be – from being diagnosed, to selecting the right treatment plan, to living day-to-day with metastatic breast cancer – and living life after treatment ends.

Listen to the full episode or read the transcript here.

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