Our Mission

The war with breast cancer can have very serious physical and mental ramifications. Many breast cancer survivors struggle with a loss of identity and feeling incomplete after a mastectomy. Every day they are confronted with the fact that their nipples are missing, replaced with large scars.

Nipple & breast tattoos are growing in popularity as a solution for some of the mental and physical trauma experienced by survivors. The procedure is simple and non-invasive and can provide many women & men with confidence and a sense of completeness.

The greatest benefit to tattoos after a mastectomy is increased confidence. After the battle with cancer and breast reconstruction, the completion of the nipple tattoo marks the final phase of healing.

“Life changing.”

After my double mastectomy, my body image was turned upside down. I had trouble getting out of my own thoughts about feeling like a woman. It was devastating. I am so thankful I found Corina and Ink 4 Pink. They gave me a second chance at feeling like myself again, and finally closing the chapter on breast cancer.

After I had a double mastectomy with implants, I looked like Barbie without clothes. I had no areolas and no nipples. This was OK because my husband still found me attractive, even if I did not find myself attractive. Six months later my husband died unexpectedly.

I looked in the mirror and figured no other man would ever want me. I was therefore alone in the world, with no hope of finding anyone who would want to be with me.

Then I found out there are services that provide very realistic tattoos. From the pictures, I could not even tell they were not real. And I was also told my health insurance would cover the cost, so I could afford it. This was a sliver of good news at a time when my life could not have been more desperate.

I went for it, and had Perma Cosmetics create realistic tattoos. They did an amazing job, really incredible. You cannot tell my areolas & nipples are not real without touching them.

I was so happy – until – my health insurance gave me the run around. I fought with them for 4 months. It was a constant battle and I would not relent. They did everything possible to avoid paying the claim. In the end, they won. They wore me down until I had no fight left.

Ink4Pink stepped in and sent me a check for the entire amount that the health insurance company owed me.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am that there are people like this in the world. My husband was one of them. But I’m learning that there are others who care, even about a stranger. Even without my husband, I am feeling loved. How incredible that is.

Barbara D